Friday, June 8, 2007

DRM group vows to fight bloggers

...tracking down everyone who had published the keys was a “resource intensive exercise”. A search on Google shows almost 700,000 pages have published the key. Mr Ayers said that while he could not reveal the specific steps the group would be taking, it would be using both “legal and technical” steps to prevent the circumvention of copy protection.

What the AACS says sounds like bollocks to me. If the key really isn't important, then why are they so worried about its dissemination? If it's because it compromises all of those "in the clear" discs, then the system wasn't "designed to cope with breaches" very well then, was it?
Encryption will always be broken eventually. HD-DVD DRM is poorly designed if it relies solely on that, or even that and litigation. Of course, if they'd just play nice with OSes other than Windows and OS-X (especially Linux/UNIX), people probably wouldn't complain quite so much.

Bah. Old media has one foot in the grave already, and here comes the other foot...

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