Friday, May 18, 2007

Well, it's live... sort of.

About the Tome of Knowledge +5:
The Tome of Knowledge +5 is a place for me, NekoRyuu, to publish articles of interest. At least, I find them interesting. Hopefully, you will too.

I know the site's name is nerdy. That's what happens when you try to name a blog while battling a nasty cold. Just go with it, I'll come up with a nice custom layout once I recover.

About Me:
  • I'm a gamer, as you could probably tell from the blog's name. And by gamer, I mean old-school pen & paper role-playing games, not Warcrack or Counterstrike.
  • I'm a network administrator, dealing primarily with Windows users. I run Linux myself, though.
  • I'm a college student, and all which that implies. Except for the drinking. And the partying. Come to think of it, I'd be pretty boring to most people if not for the next point:
  • I'm an occultist. This doesn't mean I'm a devil worshiper or anything stupid like that. It just means that I don't identify with either mainstream religions or neopagans, but I'm also not an atheist or agnostic. Call it non-denominational spirituality if you wish, although eclectic chaote might be a slightly better fit. Either way, expect some articles on the subject of spirituality in the future.
There's more, obviously, but that's a significant chunk of what makes me tick. Hopefully I didn't scare anybody away.

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